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Amelia Hunting

dmitchell1985 in science_beta

Scientific Facts to Support "The Crazy"?

All right, so I'm writing this fic and I'm attempting to look through stuff on Google, but I wanted a second opinion on anything I might find.

I need to kill bugs. Not just bugs on the ground, but bugs that burrow into people's brains to lay their eggs.

Now, the bugs I've created have shown to be immune to everything my people have tried thus far and it would almost be better to simply shoot the infected folks now. As the eggs are spread out, they can't simply be cut out. Radiation might be too much, unless someone can explain to me about the different doses of radiation or I find something through Google.

What I was considering was a take on the soap and water will kill bugs approach.

I know that if you squirt bugs with hot water and a bit of soap, they'll die a less chemically intense death. I wanted to know if there was a chemical composition close in nature to soap, that wouldn't harm a human, but would act sort of like an antibotic? Is there something I need to look for in particular, because I'm just shooting blindly here.

If there are any other suggestions on how I can kill these buggers, I'd love to hear them.

I'm glad this comm's still here, by the way. I joined ages ago when it first opened, and haven't had a real need to work through a technical science issue until now. : )


Hrmm! I hadn't thought about that outside of the chemo treatment I always hear about. I'll have to bookmark that article. Thanks! = D
My first thought was something like Trichinella, the worm that you can get from undercooked pork. In severe cases the eggs infect the brain. There are some homeopathic drugs that seem to work in the muscle. This article outlines the study. It doesn't specifically mention brain involvement, but it you may be able to use some of the info.

Another parasite that infects the brain is toxoplasmosis. There seems to be a fairly accurate article here, complete with some treatment options.

Let me know if you need something more specific. :)
I knew about parasitic worms and such, but I didn't know about the ones that lay eggs in the brain. I was going with a dead carcass that a science team was studying. Branching out from that concept would probably add a bit more to the How.

I will definitely check that out and get back to you if I need more help. = D

Thanks so much!