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Bleeding Out

Hi, I'm engaging in some John-whump and have a question.

What does it feel like to a person who is bleeding excessively?  There's no otherwise traumatic injury and it isn't fast, just steady.  What progression of symptoms might be expected?

Thanks very much!


Here's a bit from what Wikipedia has to say on Hypovolemia:

Clinical symptoms may not present until 10-20% of total whole-blood volume is lost.

Hypovolemia can be recognized by elevated pulse, diminished blood pressure, and the absence of perfusion as assessed by skin signs (skin turning pale) and/or capillary refill on forehead, lips and nail beds. The patient may feel dizzy, faint, nauseated, or very thirsty. These signs are also characteristic of most types of shock.

Also of interest to you may be the signs and symptoms of Hypovolemic shock

* Anxiety, restlessness, altered mental state due to decreased cerebral perfusion and subsequent hypoxia.
* Hypotension due to decrease in circulatory volume.
* A rapid, weak, thready pulse due to decreased blood flow combined with tachycardia.
* Cool, clammy skin due to vasoconstriction and stimulation of vasoconstriction.
* Rapid and shallow respirations due to sympathetic nervous system stimulation and acidosis.
* Hypothermia due to decreased perfusion and evaporation of sweat.
* Thirst and dry mouth, due to fluid depletion.
* Fatigue due to inadequate oxygenation.
* Cold and mottled skin (cutis marmorata), especially extremities, due to insufficient perfusion of the skin.
* Distracted look in the eyes or staring into space, often with pupils dilated.

As a frequent Red Cross blood donor, I can attest to the milder symptoms of thirst, nausea, slight chills, and a tendency towards distraction and loss of concentration. And that's in a controlled, voluntary setting!
Perfect! Thanks so much for the info. (I didn't even know it was called hypovolemia.)
Here is a general chart for calculating blood volume and blood loss/hypovolemic shock symptoms. Hope it helps!

This is awesome! Thank you!