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noratodd in science_beta

US Law question...

I'm not even sure if this falls in the acceptable for this comm, but the information is going in an SGA story and all the other help places have really specific points to cover. Anyway, my question:

What is the prison term in the USA for 2 counts of attempted murder? It's a civillian on Atlantis doing research, but he tried to kill someone very important (twice).



Those numbers (33, 27, etc) aren't the actually years for sentencing, they're an abstract representation of the 'level' of the offence. You need to figure out the level of offence, then reference this table (which lists terms of imprisonment in months). So, level 27 is somewhere between 70 and 163 months, depending on previous criminal history.

The Guide table of contents has all the links for different factors which might need to be taken into account when setting the level (admission of guilt, role in the crime, who the victim was, etc).
If only they had made it that simple to begin with. Thanks.