Perfica (perfica) wrote in science_beta,

Mod Post Redux

A number of people in the previous mod post expressed their wish for the community to remain as they've found previous links and questions useful. I bow to their interest in the community and their requests and have made a few changes to the way the community works.

More information can be found on the profile page but it boils down to:

1. The community now has open membership so it's up to you if you want to watch, join or do both
2. All posts must be science-related; i.e. either asking a question or providing a link and opinion. That means if you find something cool and want to discuss it, post it!
3. Questions will continue to be tagged
4. When in doubt, put it behind an LJ-cut
5. I'll be moderating with a light hand so, unless you're trolling, anything and everything is fine

That's it. The comm is open. Go crazy!
Tags: administration

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