noctuabunda (noctuabunda) wrote in science_beta,

psychology question - suicide

Hi everyone,

I'm planning on writing a story where one of the characters kills himself.
He is a lifelong victim of abuse by his father, hates himself for being gay and was just betrayed by the one person he absolutely trusted.

I've once heard that certain methods of suicide are associated with certain motives... for example Kurt Cobain using a shotgun to his face meant a high level of aggression towards himself, hanging oneself means you're ashamed and so on. Is that true or amateur-psychological BS? (I'm beginning to think it is, because I couldn't find anything on that particular topic.)

If it's true, what would an 'appropriate' method be for the abovementioned case? He doesn't have that many options cause he's in jail (thanks to the betrayal), so I guess all he really can do is slash his wrists or hang himself or maybe OD on drugs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'd hate to ruin a scene that's sensitive enough as it is with an unrealistic description-
Tags: psychology

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