Stella (stellahobbit) wrote in science_beta,

Member/Moderator Wanted

My internet access for September is going to be little to none, so I'm seeking a member of the community (i.e. a Science Beta) that would like to become a moderator. That's not to say that you won't be a moderator after September; it just means I'll be able to help you again ;-)

Your duties will involve placing posts into (correctly sorted) memories and keeping an eye out for spoilers and irrelevant posts, and helping people with enquires. I've placed a note on the profile page notifying people that would like to become a member of the community that there will be a bit of a hold up, so approvals and updating of Science Beta membership will not be something you need to do.

Preference will be given to -

a) someone who I 'know' reasonably well as most of our communication will be by email (on the rare times I can check it!) as well as
b) someone who can check the comm every day or two

Comments will be screened to protect people's privacy, and I thank you in advance for offering to help out.

N.B. abbey1969 has kindly offered to assist, so welcome to the new moderator!
Tags: administration

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